Survey: Good and Bad aspects of your local environment

The environment can affect people’s wellbeing. We would like to know your experience of both good and bad aspects of your local environment. Please take part in our survey by clicking: It will take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey. If any question, please contact:

Green Criminology Survey

We would like to explore individual experiences of people’s local environments. This is open to anybody (aged 18 or over) living in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.For participants in the UK: For participants in the Republic of Ireland:

Social media and eyewitness evidence

Are you interested in eyewitness or websleuthing research? Please take part in our new online experiment, investigating the role of social media on eyewitness memory, by clicking this link: The experiment is in two parts, and each part will take about 20 minutes. Thank you for helping us to know more about this important

Survey: Understanding Social Distancing

As we are living in a time of social distancing, we would like to understand how residents in the UK and the island of Ireland manage COVID-19 online. This survey is now closed. The resources linked below provide advice on supporting your mental health and wellbeing For participants in the UK: For participants in the